Pacific West: Exploring the History of Life Settlements

Posted by Admin / April 23rd, 2014

Life settlements first became available in the late 1980s as an alternative to the surrender value options offered by most insurance companies. Surrender values for life insurance policies were set to extremely low levels. In many cases, the value was listed as 10 percent or less of the face value of the policy. Life settlements allowed policyholders to receive more money for their life insurance policies and provided added profitability for investors. Today, life settlements are a valuable source of cash for older retirees and those with ongoing medical problems. The investments offered by Pacific West Capital Group are designed to optimize profits for clients while ensuring funding for senior citizens during their time of need.

Know your return before investing

Posted by Admin / August 14th, 2013

With a Pacific West Capital Group investment it is possible to know ones total fixed return before purchasing an interest in a particular policy.

What Are The Risks Of Life Settlement Investments?

Posted by Admin / August 9th, 2013

Investing Rule #1: Beware of companies promising 100% “guaranteed” returns.

Having said that, Pacific West Capital Group genuinely believes life settlements offer as close to a 100% guarantee as you can find in any investment. Payouts are not affected by interest rates, the stock market, the price of gold, the strength of the dollar, war in the Middle East or practically anything else. Actual risk factors are few and minor.

Realistically, once you invest in a portion of a life insurance policy there are only two factors that could affect the payout: insurance company failure and non-payment of premiums.

Insurance Company Failure

If the issuing life insurance company were to collapse then there would be no entity to pay the death benefit. Pacific West Capital Group reviews all insurers carefully for a host of financial stability criteria, including an A or higher rating from Standard & Poor’s. These companies are likely to last for decades, so should be around for the few years the policy needs to mature.

We should point out that even if Pacific West Capital Group were to become insolvent — an extremely unlikely eventuality — our trust company will provide payouts to investors upon policy maturity.

Policy Contestability

Pacific West Capital Group conducts a rigorous review of all policies to ensure there are no provisions in the agreement that will prevent payout. We accept only policies beyond the contestability period, and ensure the policyholder is fully informed of all implications of the sale so the insured is unlikely to come back with ‘seller’s remorse’ later. Any policy or policyholder that doesn’t meet our strict criteria is rejected. We’d rather offer a few, high-quality investments than a multitude of mediocre ones.

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